Golden Sands is one of the jewels on Bulgarian coast, because of the stylish and luxurious hotels, excellent restaurants, bars and opportunities for fun and recreation.

Golden Sands Resorts

Golden Sands Resorts

Golden Sands is situated in a picturesque and ecologic clean bay only 18 km from Varna and 488 km from Sofia. Golden Sands is first class resort that will charm you with velvet beaches, spacious alleys where you can enjoy the sunset, noisy disco and hotels are identify with luxury and convenience, and not least the magnificentlandscapes of the area. Golden Sands is located in the Natural Park ‘Golden Sands’,which is recognized as a protected area.

Golden Sands delights tourists with a pleasant climate due to its proximity to the Black Sea and the dense forest of deciduous species and lianas. Wonderful scenery and purity of Golden Sands has earned him the prestigious certification “Blue Flag”, which is a guarantee for excellent conditions for seaside holidays.

Cleanliness in the area is maintained monthly by simply constantly check the microbiological and physico-chemical values of the atmosphere in the region. Clean and calm waters are low in salt and in this region there are no dangerous fish and marine species for tourists.

Constant temperature of 27 degrees, the microclimate in the season, mineral waters, warm crystal clear sea, velvet, golden beaches and ancient forests turn Golden Sands into a great choice for marine recreation and entertainment throughout the summer season. Quiet and clean water remains warm at night. Sunbathing is possible from May to October, making the area of Golden Sands is perfect for spa and recreation. Beach covered with golden sand is 3.5 km long and 100m wide in places. In fact, Golden Sands is one of our little seaside resorts that are popular with such endless beach.

This modern resort with 55 years of history and tradition is the perfect choice because it offers something for everyone! It is host of Miss and Mister “Golden Sands”, tennis tournaments, costume parade, Latin dances festival, power contests, folk songs and dances in the open, cutting-edge fashion shows and poker competitions. Try your luck, Golden Sands is one of the casino centers in Bulgaria, roulette, slot machines, black jack, poker experienced partners and many other games of luck will provoke in you a true gambling spirit.


The guests of Golden Sands can try ten tennis courts, bowling, mini golf, horse riding, bicycles, shooting, volleyball, basketball, all kinds of water sports with qualified coaches.

Be wet and happy whole summer amusement park “Aquapolis” – the most beautiful water park in Eastern Europe, the first in Bulgaria, built in a unique Mauritian-Mediterranean style. The water park is located in the forest with unique sea view and the whole resort.

Golden Sands is also famous for its mineral springs with good curative qualities. The resort offers over 100 types of medical services, combined with various treatment and rehabilitation programs, health and fitness centers, equipped with everything you need for an active and full training. Clean air, sea water, rich in salts and microelements, curative mud and different kinds of herbs are irreplaceable gift of nature.

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