Kavarna town is attractive not only as a resort, but with its long history and historical landmarks.

The town has a small marina, fishing facilities, and spacious beach resort, divided along the bay formed by a small river with the charming name “Valley of the Orioles.” Cut limestone cliffs and the entire coast are very picturesque, especially when viewed from the sea. Besides landscapes, Kavarna offers entertainment venues to suit each taste. The city separates traces of bits of various ancient cultures with modern trends. Picturesque Kavarna coast with length of 42 km are developed small beaches. On the coast is created a large artificial beach.


Kavarna is a small coastal town, 49 km from Dobrich, northeastern Bulgaria, situated in the middle of the northern Black Sea, south of the cape. It is the administrative and economic center of the municipality of Kavarna.


The city was founded in V century BC by Greek colonists, located on a plateau of Chirakman Bizone colony. In III – II centuries BC. temporarily settled Scythians. During these years, the city plays an important intermediary role in trade between local communities and traders from Rhodes, Heraclea, Sinope, Egypt and others. During the medieval the town developed considerably, in XIII – XIV century, reached its zenith in Dobrudja and despots Balik Dobrotitsa. With today’s name was mentioned for the first time at the beginning of XV century. During the Turkish invasion the city was almost destroyed, but in the second half of XVII century, was rebuilt again.

How to get there

You can get to Kavarna with your own car or with a bus from any place in the country.


In Kavarna there are a lot of interesting places that you can see. To learn something about the history of the city you can visit the Exposure “Dobrudja and the Sea”; the City museum or the Ethnographic Museum. There are also two amazing churches:  The church “Saint George” and “Assumption of the St. Bogoroditsa” church. If you enjoy walking, there are 12 spring fountains located 2 km along the valley to the port. Some of them were destroyed, while others have been renovated recently. The great quantity of spring water forms a small creek.

You should not miss the Cape Kaliakra. It is a nature and archeological reserve, located 2 km. into the sea. Here you can watch dolphins and rare birds. Another attraction is the national archaeological reserve Yaila. On its area are located historical monuments from different eras, including cave dwellings, cemeteries, tombs, churches, stone tools and more.

Things to do

Near the village Bozhurets is build the largest seaside golf project called “Thracian Cliffs”. The first class golf complex will include a playground, luxurious apartments and villas, and marina.

Stadium “Kaliakra”, which are held not only football matches. Many famous rock and metal bands from around the world have concerts in Kavarna every year during the whole summer.. Since 2006, traditionally held rock / metal festival Kavarna Rock Fest, until 2010 under the name Kaliakra Rock Fest. In recent years Kavarna gets the name “rock capital of Bulgaria.”

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