Varna History

Varna has a rich history. Varna region has been inhabited since prehistoric times and archaeological findings confirm the existence of an advanced civilization from the Eneolithic period. Here is found the oldest treated, gold in Europe. According to experts it is around 5,000 years old. There also occurred ancient Thracian settlements. Thracian culture, combined with the Hellenic tradition carried over from millet colonial are important to transform the city into an important cultural and commercial center at that time

Beautiful Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv. Varna occupies the status of economic, cultural and administrative center of the region.Ancient Varna became a favorite holiday destination for many Bulgarians and foreigners. City is located 470 km northeast of Sofia

Varna follows an amphitheater curves of Varna Bay and Varna Lake. Inexhaustible natural resources, numerous attractions, sights and unique location of Varna turned it into one of the most famous seaside towns.

Varna is a colorful city, which always offers many entertainment attractions, sightseeing, which will allow guests to be bored for a moment. If you’re thirsty for cultural events, you can walk in the Sea Garden in the evening and then go to the cinema, concert or theater.

The Culture

Varna hosts international competitions and festivals, which are interest for both tourists and residents of Varna. Critical day is 27 July – Liberation of Varna. Every year in August, there are held series of exhibitions, concerts, poetry evenings and festival „Week of the Sea”.

Varna is also an attractive destination for many concert performers of world music scenelike Philip Kirkorov, Lord of the Dance, Serge Devant, Boney M and others.

Varna Beaches

Varna is connected with the Black Sea through the long sandy stripes, in places reaching up to 50 meters. The very beach of Varna is long and wide. The beach of Varna is divided into five parts: southern, central, north, fishing and officers. On the south beach can enjoy the attractive water slide “Rollba” and outdoor mineral pool.

Varna Tourist Attractions

The Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral

The Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral - Varna, Bulgaria

The Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral - Varna, Bulgaria

Opened on 30 August 1886, The Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral is the largest and most popular cathedral in Varna.

Shopping in Varna

The city is an attractive destination for investors, shopping lovers, tourists and that is why Varna is also not far behind Sofia. Many shopping malls and boutique shops, opened doors in Varna.

Mall Varna, one of the largest and most innovative centers for commerce and entertainment, quickly change shopping habits in Varna. It not only sets new standards in quality of supply in Bulgaria, but also positioned as a unique destination for entertainment and lifestyle. Mall Varna collects the best in shopping, dining and entertainment in an extraordinary place. His philosophy is simply „to make shopping enjoyable and relaxing”. Located in the central part of Varna, you need only 5 minutes to go to downtown. Mall Varna is a center of attraction for both locals and foreign visitors.

PFOHE MALL is a modern, lifestyle shopping center in Varna, in the heart of developing new area for shopping and entertainment. The building impresses with its new avant-garde and a harmonious combination of attractive design and functionality. PFOHE MALL’s uniqueness is expressed in memorable architecture with an image and style that can not be passed unnoticed. Surely this is one of the buildings that give new look of the city, convinced architects and experts. The mall is located also near the center of the city.

The biggest shopping center is Grand Mall Varna, which will impress you with its over 100,000 square meters area. This is a nice place for everybody, who is looks for entertainment, restourant or shopping and needs cool place in hot summer day.

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