If you want to learn more about the Bulgarian history or just go skiing, Bansko is the right place for you.

Bansko Community Centre

Bansko Community Centre

General Information

Bansko is a town in southwestern Bulgaria. It is located in Blagoevgrad rprovince, near  Razlog. In the 19th century the village was the center of the Bulgarian national spirit in Pirin Macedonia in an area bordering the Greek and Turkish populations. Today the city is a popular winter resort.


Bansko is situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountains to 927 m altitude. It is 56 km from Blagoevgrad, 145 km from Plovdiv and 150 km from Sofia. Near the city is located the National Park of Pirin. Through Bansko flows Glazne River.

The climate is mountainous and allows the snow cover from December to April, the Alpine character of Pirin mountain provides excellent conditions for professional and recreational skiing. There is a narrow gauge railway station on September – Dobrinishte.


Bansko Bulgarian Municipality was founded around 1850 was founded, following the establishment in 1833 all-village community council.

In the 60s and 70s of 19th century community leads the fight against the Greek church authorities for the independence of the Bulgarian Church and the development of education in the village. On its own initiative in 1857 to build a new school building converted into each school class, distributed newspapers and Renaissance literature. Municipality organized the construction of the belfry of the church “Holy Trinity” in 1850 and the installation of Clockwork in 1865. Bansko was liberated on October 5, 1912. Two days later one of the great Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov welcome Bansko  people as free citizens of Bulgaria.

How to go there

You can go there by bus from any place in Bulgaria.


In Bansko there are a number of architectural monuments and museums where you can learn very interesting things connected with the history of the city.

In the town are the following places that you should not miss: House-Museum ” Nikola Vaptsarov”; House of Art; Velyanova house – monument of the Renaissance; House-Museum “Neophyte Rilski”; Historical Museum Eleshnitsa with rich finds from the Neolithic period and of course the church “Saint Trinity”.

What to do

In Bansko there is an amazing ski resort where you can improve you skills in skiing. The highest point of the ski resort is 2560 m and the lowest 1000 m. Bansko has 78 km of ski runs, of which 35% beginner, 40% for advanced and 25% for experienced skiers and snowboarders. The ski base is equipped with artificial snow machines which maintain 80% of the tracks. The ski season is guaranteed from December to May thanks to 170 snow cannons and some ski machines. The ski Center offers 16 km of ski road, equipped with artificial snow machines and lighting, which connects the high parts of the resort with the town. There are a cabin lift up to 8 people, one 6-chair lift, six 4-chair lift, a 3-seat lift Poma, six ski lifts and ten ski lifts for children. So, if you want to go skiing with you family, definitely choose Bansko!

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