If you read the Hissar and want to learn more about this famous spa resort, you’re certainly open and you are saturated even on bright, busy resorts and the thrill of looking for a new destination that is different from the others, authentic and has unique properties to leave a lasting impression in the minds of visitors.

Welcome to our Virtual Guide to Hissar, let’s dive in the diversity, uniqueness and authenticity, to rediscover the properties of a balneological resort, famous for its Roman character, some of the mountainous region rich in natural and cultural resources. Traveler, stop in Hissar and drink from the fountain of immortal faith, awaken their Bulgarian identity and pride, loved beautiful places in our small but beautiful Bulgaria.

Hissar is an attractive tourist destination thanks to its unique natural beauty, miraculous mineral water, treatment options and a spa, Eco quiet paths where only echoing footsteps of lovers of nature and water. We should not overlook that the majority of guests of the city remain silent after they opened the rich cultural and historical treasures.

Hissarya Fortress, Roman basilicas, Starosel, gate “Camels” Thracian tombs Park “Lily” Thracian Astronomical Observatory of the “Stonehenge” and many other places, which will tell you below are only a small some of the reasons why Hissar deserves to be saved in our minds as typical Bulgarian stronghold.

The glorious history of Hisar

Unique natural features of the area around Hisar and precious mineral springs are the reason these lands have been inhabited from ancient times. Already in the fifth millennium BC, a prehistoric settlement arose from the late Neolithic of the Thracian tribe Besi, which gradually grew and became known for its healing magic of spring. It was created around the springs Thracian settlement, led by powerful tribal chiefs and rich aristocracy. Later Thracian settlement near the mineral springs became part of the Odrysian state. Archaeological finds in Starosel attest to the inhabitants of these lands for thousands of years ago 7-8.

Mineral waters, spa, balneological treatment in Hissar

Mineral springs in Hissar were attractive to many glorious nations and civilizations since ancient times. Curative mineral waters have caused Hisar today to admire the many valuable specimens of the material and spiritual culture of the Thracians and Romans.

Hisar city-of-spas total number is 22. Water temperature is 37 to 52 C, slightly mineralized and is suitable for drinking and for treatment. In Hisar will find modern sanatoriums and prophylactic centers.

The therapeutic effect of Hissar mineral water has been scientifically proven. New, modern hotel offers a number of spa treatments and programs that will make you feel rejuvenated physically and emotionally balanced, aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, phototherapy, classical and oriental massage, music therapy and more.

Hissar extends to a blessed land to which the sorceress Nature was particularly generous. Charming natural scenery, a royal calm, mild continental climate, about 22 mineral springs, ancient history and promising future, Hisar is a spa resort of national and international significance.

Green parks, many historic landmarks, fresh mountain air, thousands of legends, peace and relaxation in a luxurious spa hotels with modern equipment – Hissar is the perfect choice for every type of traveler and every season of the year.

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