Aheloy is a place with mostly flat terrain, and northwest of the city is slightly hilly terrain known as Strolata. River Aheloy flows near the town, which springs from Aitos hills and flows into the Black Sea.


Aheloy is a village located in the coast of Bourgas Bay in eastern Bulgarian province of Burgas. It is situated about 15 km to the north of Bourgas and about 6 km south of Sunny Beach and Nessebar on the main road E87.


The strategic location of the site was down for the raising of a Roman fortress Chaya, and on the road, part of which was maintained until mid XX century. The fortress is situated on the hill built and served for observation. Here, near the river Aheloy in August 20, 917 Tsar Simeon I crashed thousands Byzantine army led by Leo Phocas. Aheloy is a place of one of the grand battles of the Middle Ages, whose outcome determines Bulgaria as a hegemonic not only the on the Balkans but also in the whole Southeast Europe.

How to get there

There are regular buses to Aheloy from Bourgas. In addition to buses there are taxis and minibuses running from Bourgas and famous Nessebar and Sunny Beach resorts.

You can also take water route by renting boats.


Aheloy is not a big city so there ain’t many big hotels. Most common type of accommodation available in Aheloy are private houses and flats.


There are many small and private restaurants offering tasty and homemade food in the village and on the beach.


At the heart of Aheloy is well landscaped beautiful park, having deciduous and coniferous trees. It is perfect for a relaxing walk. You can also visit the Aheloy lighthouse, located on cape Leternoviat near the village “Marina cape”.

A construction of a historical complex “Aheloy-917” has started. It will be located on eight acres. It will include walls, loopholes and a church.

Things to do

The esort village does not have much beach strip and holidaymakers usually use the beach of Aheloy camping site near the village. The beach beginning from Aheloy camping site amd spreading to Pomorie city (about 10 linear km length and a width of 10 to 20 linear meters) is suitable for sunbathing. The tourists can enjoy a trip with pedalos, surfboards, wind surfs, and motor jets or just swim in the sea.

Also a small marina is built. The place is mostly preferred by tourists seeking a relaxed and cozy atmosphere for recreation and relaxation.

The tourists have the option of a wide selection of beautiful pubs, restaurants offering specialties of national cuisine and bars.

This area is perfect for the fishermen. They can  catch freshwater fish (River Aheloy), and for marine fishes (Black Sea). Many avid fishermen spend their free time on the coasts of Aheloy waters.

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