Dobrich is a regional city in northeastern Bulgaria, administrative and economic center of the Dobrich region. In administrative terms, the city itself and a separate municipality. Dobrich is the ninth biggest settlement in Bulgaria. The city is preferred by many because of its good location (about 30km from the Black Sea) and the peace that provides.


Dobrich is situated in the Danube plain on the Dobrudja plateau. It is situated on the banks of small river Dobrich (Kanladere) at 220 m altitude.  It is situated 50 km northwest of Varna, 92 km southeast of Silistra and 34 km southwest of Balchik.


First of the history of Dobrich archaeological remains have been found since the early Middle Ages and antiquity. Devastating invasions of Pechenegs from the first third of the 11th century depopulated the interior of the Dobrudja and fading life in the settlements throughout the period of the Second Bulgarian kingdom.

In the 16th century again become a village, which has over 1,000 houses. By the early 19th century the city’s population reached 12,000 inhabitants. Much of the population are immigrants from eastern parts of Bulgaria after the Russo-Turkish wars. The city’s development during the first decades of the 20th century reflect the political ups and downs caused by three consecutive wars.

The first occupation of the Romanian authorities lasts until 1916. Fighting Romanian occupation lasted until 1940, when agreement was signed Kraiova and Southern Dobrudja was returned to Bulgaria. On September 25, 1940 the Bulgarian army entered in Dobrich. On that Day, people fete The day of Dobrich.

How to get there

Varna Airport is located only 45 km. separate from the regional center – town of Dobrich. Territory of Dobrich is crossed by roads – to the Black Sea coast, on international transit road transport parallel “North-South”. The road network of Dobrich guarantees access to a river and sea ports and resorts.


Dobrich has a rich cultural heritage, tourist attractions like “Old Dobrich”. Dobrich has one of the most beautiful art galleries in the country with a rich collection of icons and works. To see the exquisite models of traditional crafts and customs, you should visit the ethnographic museum in Dobrich. Explore handmade wooden objects and lace, crochet, often sold on the street by local women. You can walk among the Old Dobrich workshops where you can find great souvenirs.

Things to do

Dobrich has well developed sports facilities, which creates an active organization of national and international competitions. This is the perfect place for you if you love sport. In Dobrich are also organized some regional folk festivals, such as: – International Children’s Festival Krushari – in May – “Spring Songs and Dances of solar Dobrudja” in Debrene – in June – Summer Festival Dubovik – in July – Festival “Dobrudjanski folklore” in Tervel – in September. One amazing experience waits for you in Dobrich, so just come and enjoy!

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