Bulgaria is famous not only with its spectacular scenery, ancient history and hospitable people, but also with the wonderful small villages nestled in the embrace of century-old forests.


An house in Kovachevitsa

One of these places is the amazing village of Kovachevitsa, located in the South west part of the mountain Rhodope, along the Kanina River (Blood River). It is located near to other old Bulgarian hamlets, which carry the spirit and atmosphere of the old times – Leshten and Ognyanovo.

Kovachevitsa is a lovely village nestled among beautiful scenery, with unique houses – work of the old master builders. The houses in the village are with typical Rhodope architecture from the Bulgarian Revival. They are almost entirely built of stone, including roofs, as only the highest top floor is made of wood. There are a lot of restored houses, which you can rent if you want to feel the Bulgarian hospitality and to taste the Rhodope cuisine. This region is an excellent place for rural tourism and nature walks. If you want to learn more for Bulgaria and its unique history, you definitely should visit Kovachevitsa and its region.

One of the sights of the village is the church “St. Nicola” built in 1847 by local craftsmen. At the beginning of 20th century, the local people built near to the church and bell tower with four floors. The tower’s bells are made of melt bells, which people donated.

Like all great places and the village has its legend.

According to it, after the death of Marco – the local blacksmith, his wife Gina took responsibility for feeding and care of their family. When people went to visit her and help her, they saying, “I’m going to Kovachevitsa” (I’m going to the blacksmith’s wife). Over the time, the neighborhood where the blacksmith’s family lived was called Kovachevitsa. Later, around this neighborhood was built and the village of Kovachevitsa.

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