Leshten,  the most charming and authentic Bulgarian villages, is lcoated in Southwestern Bulgaria, about 200 km from the capital Sofia. This place brings back memories of old times and a sense of timelessness.

Leshten is located in the Western Rhodopes. Only a few years ago this place was abandoned by people, but not forgotten by God, because its beauty and charm remain untouched by time. It is an ancient village with preserved old houses, work of the Kovachevitsa’s master- builders.

In the recent years many of these architectural masterpieces have been restored and are currently being rented from tourists, who want to get acquainted with the history, customs, and of course the delicious food of this region.

Leshten offers to its guests not only breathtaking houses, but also the unique nature and the glorious spirit of Bulgarian history. The village can be reached by car or organized transport, but it should be borne in mind that winter conditions are very harsh.

Leshten is so unique and inimitable, that you must see it not only when snow covers the roofs of the houses and the smoke billows from the chimneys, but also when the sun shining over the venerable forest. In the center of the village, in the “Pub”, everyone can enjoy traditional Bulgarian delicacies as homemade yogurt with homemade jam from wild berries, meat dishes, moussaka, tarator, tripe and of course we don’t have to forget about the home made “greana rakia”.

The houses that are available to guests are well furnished and equipped with superb “chardak” (terrace), on which in the company of good friends, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

When you go in Leshten definitely you won’t be bored – fishing, nature walks, eco tourism and also SPA procedures in the SPA resorts in Ognyanovo, village located near Leshten and famous with its healing water. Near Leshten is located also and the ethnographic complex Kovachevitsa.

The Clay House

One of the most emblematic places in Leshten is “The clay house.”

The Clay House

The Clay House

This is one small house, with unique architecture and building style, made of clay. When you see it for the first time, it reminds to “the house of the Flintstones family”. Indeed, inside the house is furnished with all facilities, which you need to have one of the best moments in your life. “The clay house” is a wonderful place for newlyweds or young couples. You can rent it for a day or more.

Local people are extremely hospitable, smiling and relaxed people. Unfortunately, most of them do not speak any language other than Bulgarian, but it will never stop them to greet you and ask where are you come from and what you think of Bulgaria!

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