Melnik is situated in a mountainous area in southwestern foot of the Pirin Mountain. It is situated in a picturesque area of ​​22 km southeast of Sandanski to 437 meters above sea level . Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria, but is so attractive that it is often the number of tourists and day visitors exceeds that of the 230 – they that dwell therein.


Melnik is situated 180 km south of Sofia and 23 km from Sandanski in the southwestern foothills of Pirin Mountain.


Today is not aware of any positive evidence which could establish when it started Melnik. According to Academician Ivan Dujčev, etymology of the name Melnik purely has Slavic origin. Melnik has arisen as a fortress to guard the southern Bulgarian border and the road along the Struma River, after the conclusion of the Bulgarian-Byzantine Treaty in 864 year.

In the early years of the XIII century, the manager of the Western Rhodopes – Alexius Slav became independent ruler of capital in Melnik. The town is walled. In the middle of the XIII century the town was included within the Nicaean Empire. Melnik fell under Ottoman rule since 1395. The city and its environs are included in the composition of Kyustendil Sandzak as an autonomous Nahiya. In the first centuries of Ottoman rule Melnik regress to wealthier again in the late XVIII and early XIX century, when it comes to life the cultural and educational activities. City residents are dealing with wine and tobacco, and wine exported throughout Europe, especially England and Austria.

How to get there

Melnik is located south of Sofia, near the international road E 79 to Athens. From Melnik has regular bus lines to Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Sandanski and Petrich, but if you have a car, you can move more quickly and easily. The nearest railway station is Damianitsa which is 12 km from Melnik. It is on the line Sofia Tower.


Itself is a city landmark with its nestled in each other old white houses, surrounded by unique formations known as Melnik pyramids. Best  famous is Kordopulova house – the biggest in the Balkans from the Renaissance period. You can visit The historical museum in Pashova house. In Melnik is the oldest preserved house in Bulgaria – Boyar. Only 6 km distance is the Rozhen Monastery and the way it passes through the Melnik pyramids is incredibly beautiful.

Things to do

In Melnik you can take a relaxing walk across the streets to enjoy the incredible nature of which the town is surrounded. Each house in Melnik has guest rooms and restaurant, which will offer delicious homemade dishes and densely Melnik wine – own production. But admiration will be complete if the hospitable owners open the doors of the vast cellars carved into the rock. This feeling is hard to describe, so come in Melnik, to feel it!

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