General information

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 338,153 people. Plovdiv is located in the central part of the Upper Valley. Passed through it at high water river in Bulgaria – the Maritza, which divides the city into two parts – Karshiaka on north and the main part of town on south.


Plovdiv is located in the western part of the Bulgarian part of Thrace in Plovdiv Province. It is the administrative centre of Plovdiv Province.

It is situated 15 km north of the Rhodope mountains and 50 km south of Stara Planina. The town is built at the foot of seven hills, so often called “city of hills” or “city of seven hills.”


Plovdiv is one of the oldest European cities and a contemporary of Troy. Beginning of the town is placed around 4000 BC. Apparent ancient name of the city is “Kendrisos.” At the end of IV century begins the Byzantine period in the history of the city. Around the middle of the VI century the Slavs came in Plovdiv, which gradually changed the ethnic character of the region. During the Bulgarian National Revival Plovdiv is an important economic center and is part of Adrianople Vilayet. Numerical. After the Unification Plovdiv remains to this day the second-biggest city after the capital Sofia.

How to get there

The first railway was built in Plovdiv back in 1874, then in 1888 it now connects the city with Sofia. This is one of the ways how to get to Plovdiv. You can also come in Plovdiv by bus from any other place in Bulgaria.

The Ancient Theatre

In the ancient part of the city you can visit the most famous sights such as The Ancient theatre. It is the greatest achievement in the restoration of the monuments of antiquity in this country. Built in the early 2nd century during the reign of Roman Emperor Trajan.

The Ancient Theatre Plovdiv

The Ancient Theatre Plovdiv

The Roman Stadium is the most significant monument of the ancient city. In Roman times it could hold 30 thousand people who have watched gladiator fights and sporting events. Archaeological Complex “Eirene” is located at the southern foot of three hills on the northern part of the ancient tower. The complex includes remains of a building built in III – IV century and probably used as a residence of a prominent citizen of Philippopolis.


There are lots of museums in Plovdiv which are worth visiting. Some of the important museums are

The Archaeological Museum

Historical Museum

Regional Ethnographic Museum

Natural History Museum

The Museum of Aviation – This is a very interesting museum. It was opened on September 21, 1991 and is located within the Krumovo airbase, 12 km from Plovdiv.

Things to do in Plovdiv

In Plovdiv was built the largest sports center in Bulgaria – the sports complex “Plovdiv”. Located in the northwestern part of the city, the complex includes a stadium for 55,000 spectators, the largest rowing facilities in the Balkans, an indoor swimming pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts and running track. In the center you can go for a walk in the “Tsar Simeon’s Garden,” and “Dondukov garden” (also known as Pumpkin), which are among the first parks in Bulgaria. Other major parks are Botanical Garden, a park “Mramor” in Kichuk Paris Park “Ribnitsa” in Karshiyaka, “Lauta” Park.

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