Today we take you in the sunniest town in Bulgaria, gathered a bunch of surprises for you – enchanting scenery, natural green slopes, sparkling clear rivers and rapids, numerous mineral springs, great climate and unique charm. Welcome to Sandanski, a popular spa resort located in the best part of Bulgaria.

Today the town is a modern wellness resort, one of the most popular places to relax in Bulgaria, proudly bearing the name of the great Bulgarian revolutionary who fought for the liberation of Macedonia from Turkish slavery – Yane Sandanski.

Bulgaria is rich in natural beauty. It bears the traces of ancient civilizations. Sandanski is hidden secret, nestles on a small area of ​​the most beautiful mountains. The town is one of the cities that you cannot miss, because it collects the best of our country.

Sandanski has enormous therapeutic potential because of its unique climatic characteristics and thermal springs. The unique climate allows for the treatment of certain diseases, spa holidays, relaxation, welcomes avid mountain hikers and encourages an exciting eco-tour.

Sandanski is a spa resort of national and international importance. It is known for the curative effects of mineral water to treat multiple non-specific respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal and peripheral nervous system. Modern spa hotels and hospitable accommodation in typical Bulgarian style offer a wide range of spa treatments and massages for your relaxing spa vacation or weekend, business meeting, team building or family vacation.


Sandanski (240 m asl) is located in Southwestern Bulgaria, nestled in the south west slopes of the Pirin Mountain. Sandanski is located almost equidistant from Sofia and Thessaloniki. Sandanski is situated 166 km from Sofia, 300 km from Plovdiv and 65 km from Blagoevgrad. In the resort goes international highway E 79 and railway line Sofia – Tower – Thessaloniki.


Sandanski is undoubtedly one of the resorts that can boast a unique climate thatadds to the healing qualities of spa resort.

The place where today the rosrt is located is famous for its ancient healing climate and thermal spring waters. Specific climate is due to the peculiarities of the nature of the area and rough terrain including mountains over 2000 meters high and rivers. Climatic features of the region affect the distribution of precipitation and temperature regime of the area.

Sandanski and its surroundings boast over 80 mineral water springs. The water temperature makes it possible outdoor bathing throughout the year and the composition of water is extremely beneficial for the treatment of many diseases.

Because of the unique features of climate, exceptional natural resources, wealth of mineral springs, known for its healing properties, Sandanski has established itself as one of the best natural health for asthma in Europe. Also known as spa resort with international and national importance. Natural and climatic conditions of the area, combined with the rich historical heritage, monuments, green parks, curative mineral waters makes Sandanski a preferrable destination for rest and recreation.

Sandanski offers many luxury hotels that will surprise you with excellent service, spa and mineral water treatments that will contribute to your good health and full recovery.

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