Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, is located in a hollow, surrounded by mountains Vitosha on south, Lulin on west and Stara Planina on north. Like all great cities in the world Sofia also has a river named Iskar.

Sofia is a city with a great history. It is one of the oldest European capitals. It’s past can be tracked down to 5000 year BC. Later the romans give it the name Serdica, even emperor Constantine The Great wanted to move the capital of Rome there. When Bulgarian khan Krum conquers the city, he gave it a new name – Serdica. The history of the city is often bloody and It knows many rulers through ages. One of the most important chapters of history ofBulgariahad been written here, even the national hero ofBulgaria– Vasil Levski had been executed there.

But enough with the facts, the most important things that you must knew about Sofia are not in any encyclopedia  – they are on the very streets of the city. Sometimes you may take that literally like in the case with the famous shopping street “Vitosha”. Also interesting places to go shopping are Sofia Mall and the City Center. In a case that you are a film buff you can go to some of the most modern cinema on this part of Europe.

Sofia is a center of industry and culture of Bulgaria, It has a great history and a magnificent nature. It is a modern capital that can be looked from many different angles but one thing is certain – if you take enough time to know the city, you will love it.

Night Life

But there is something that makes Sofia unique and that is the night live. Sofia is just full of night clubs for various tastes of music and entertainment. The most popular clubs in the center are “SinCity”, “Biad”, Lifehouse and Cielo. It is interesting about these clubs that you can’t hear rock, r&b, hip – hop, house, pop or any kind of popular music for the rest of the word. There you can here only the most popular native music – pop-folk or chalga. This kind of music is combination of oriental and folklore motives and a modern sound.

It is a real pleasure for everyone who likes history to visit the main historical places like the cathedral “Alexander Nevski”, the basilica “St. Sofia”, the National Historical museum and etc.

If you have enough time you won’t be disappointed if you visit the mountain Vitosha. There you can relax form the noisy and tensing surroundings of the city. There you can use one of the bases for winter sports form November to March or if you are not visiting it trough winter you can always walk by the forest and enjoy the fresh air and the majestic landscape witch you can see from there.

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