Sozopol is great for holiday in Bulgaria! Ancient history has left its footprint, combined with the comforts of a popular recreation spot features beach resort of Sozopol. Sozopol is one of the fastest growing resort that at the same time kept its authentic look and relaxed atmosphere.

Sozopol is one of the most accomplished sea resorts in Bulgaria, as a mixture of unique antiquity and modernity. The architecture of the resort provides perfectly smooth flow from the Old Town to the New one. Luxury and elegance attract many tourists from around the world to Sozopol which is excellent choice for an exciting summer vacation in Bulgaria.

Sozopol Location

Located 34 km south of Bourgas on a narrow rocky peninsula, Sozopol is one of the first settlements along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Sozopol was founded 2610 years ago.

Sozopol is famous among tourists not only with its wonderful beaches, but also with its rich cultural life. Sozopol hosts art festival Apolonia that attracts a varied program of thousands of tourists every summer. Talented performers gather in Sozopol for a few days in early September. This is a great way to diversify your walks and to add another important date in your cultural calendar for the year. It is not exaggeration to say that Apollonia Arts Festival has become one of the most important Bulgarian cultural events.

Sozopol Beaches

Central beach of Sozopol offers fine sand and crystal clear sea. Harmanite, the second town beach, located in the new part of the city has a long coastline and relaxed atmosphere. We can offer you to walk from the Old town to the New one andenjoy the wonderful sights and attractions. This is a great way to get the most from your holiday at the sea in Sozopol.

Coast around the town are particularly high and picturesque, with many rocks and small beaches tucked between them. Just 5 km north of Sozopol you can visit the resort Chernomorets (St. Nicholas), which is situated on a picturesque peninsula at the southern end of Bourgas bay. Chernomorets has gathered the beauty of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is unique for its five beaches separated one from another by incredibly beautiful rocky coast and bays. Lovers of surfing, fishing fans, nudists and lovers of cruises will not be disappointed by Chernomorets.

Besides walking around the sights of Old Sozopol, you can diversify your vacationthis summer with tour across the natural attractions. One of them is St. Ivan island, located about 2 km. north of the old town. This is the largest of five islands along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. St. Thomas, also known as Snake Island, is another of the five islands along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is only a few hundred meters from Cape Maslen and it is part of Ropotamo reserve.

Sozopol Rocks

Cape Agalina is a unique rock phenomenon, which is located near the town of Sozopol, is declared to be a natural landmark. Do not miss the interesting rock formations with specific coastal flora and fauna. Lion’s Head is another natural phenomenon that is situated between the resorts of Sozopol and Primorsko and was declared a natural landmark. Represents an impressive rock formation with a figure of a lion’s head. Sculpted in the rocks near Ropotamo and attracts the interest of many tourists.

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